Rent a Car for Traveling in Style

When you’re in a city that has plenty of things to offer like Chicago, the easiest way of transport if you want to cover a bigger area is by car. There are plenty of places to be seen, and no matter if you are here for a business meeting or just a short vacation, it’s better to pay for a rental car than use the local ways of transport.

csm_bmw-4er-cabrio-2d-blau-2014_dea582ae35Many places are just waiting to be discovered by people, and you’ll be able to get back home with many beautiful memories and photos. In or around the city, the area offers you many interesting places to be seen, so using a car is the easiest way to reach them.

Here’s how you can rent a car in the easiest way to help you move in and around a city like Chicago.

Make Prior Reservations

Yes, this is one of the most important things. You can make a prior reservation if you’re looking for a rental car, as this will ensure you that you will have the needed car when you get there. If you’re a local, you can ask for the car to be delivered directly at your doorsteps, especially when you need it fast. If you’re coming from another city, you can ask the car to be delivered at the airport or at the hotel. The car rental companies will always comply with your requests.

Choose a Car

Chrysler-300There are plenty of cars that you can choose from, and you’ll surely find the one that you like. If you like to drive by yourself, you can ask for just a car, but if you are busy and you need a driver, there are car rental companies who will deliver both the car and the driver to be at your disposal for as long as you need.

Of course, a car that comes with a driver is a little more expensive, so be ready to pay for a bigger price if you ask for this service.

Pay Something In Advance

This is a request that most of the companies have – you will have to pay a certain sum of money in advance, before they send you the car. This is insurance for both you and the company – you will be sure that they will deliver the car, and the company will be sure that you will still rent the car.

The sum of money that you’ll have to pay will be about 20% of the initial price, so don’t worry too much about it. Most of the companies accept the online transfer, and they use secured lines and applications for this.

Ask about Conditions

There are some rules and regulations that each car rental company has as its own, so make sure you ask about them before asking for a car. Some companies don’t let you take the car outside the city, while others allow you to drive around the country for as much as you want. The cars are usually equipped with GPS equipment, so they can track your car in case it gets stolen, so don’t think about stepping over their rules.


car-whiteWhen you talk about signing the contract, also ask about the condition of the car. The car has to have insurance and the verification of its condition should be up to date. This means that you have to ask for a car that is properly equipped for the road and it has a good condition, helping you stay self behind the wheel.

This should be mandatory for each car rental company, but you can still ask about it – if the company refuses to answer this question or they say that they will send you later the insurance of the vehicle, you can start looking for another car rental company

The Contract

No matter if you contract them online or over the phone, make sure they send you the contract for the rental period. It’s important to read it and see each article in it. There are certain rules that apply in certain cases, so make sure you read all of it, even those lines that are written in fine print. If the contract is not made according to your requests, don’t sign it. You can send it back or look for another company.

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